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Maureen Jenci Shelton

 worked closely with author and friend Susanne Fincher to add a new element, a musical piece attuned to each mandala level, to her new work, The Mandala Workbook: A Creative Guide for Self-Exploration, Balance, and Well-Being
Susanne Fincher's The Mandala Workbook is based on
The Great Round

—the twelve archetypal stages that represent a complete cycle of personal growth



 Here are short demos of each mandala level:

Stage 1 In the Darkness Deep (demo)

Stage 2 We Are One (Demo)

Stage 3 Breath Of God (Demo)

Stage 4 Grace Notes (Demo)

Stage 5 Make My Way (Demo)

Stage 6 Hope Of Sky (Demo)

Stage 7 Soul Awake (Demo)

Stage 8 Deep In The Song (Demo)

Stage 9 It Is Here (Demo)

Stage 10 I Will Let Go (Demo)

Stage 11 Falling Apart (Demo)

Stage 12 Let It Sing (Demo)

Each chapter focuses on one stage and aims to fully engage readers in the meaning or purpose of that stage:

That is the purpose of the "Mandala CD" songs

- to help you to further engage yourself in each stage through the use of sound and the unique feeling of each song
that is crafted for each stage of the Grand Round

These songs can be utilized to help emphasize some of Susanne's reflections and teachings.

Singing these songs will get the concepts and the experience of each stage of the Great Round into your being in a manner that is helpful.

"I had the privilege of working in person with Susanne in a Mandala workshop where we went through all 12 stages of the Great Round, using mandalas for centering practices and reflection on each of the stages.

all of the songs on the Mandala CD grew out of exploring the 12 stages of the Great Round with Susanne, as we worked live as a group on each stage.

-these songs came to me as each month passed and we worked on each Stage, and I offered these songs for reflection to her and to our Mandala group as we did our monthly work".

NEWS - JULY 2015

- the Mandala Workbook Songs are now available on Amazon and Itunes!


Thank you and let me know how you like the songs!

Maureen Jenci Shelton 

Also, if you don't have Susanne's wonderful work yet, here's how you can get it below: